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Personal Services: Case Management

A holistic approach to a woman’s needs

South Asian women face distinct cultural challenges when confronting domestic and sexual violence in the home. Most have little or no knowledge of English, since it is not their native language. This plays a pivotal role in creating socio-cultural barriers. South Asian women who become victims of domestic and sexual violence live within the confines of these barriers. They remain silent or unaware of the assistance they could have from the outside world.

Bolo Behen (Speak Sister) provides case management services to empower clients. Women learn about their rights, available resources and how to use these resources to make positive decisions and be independent for themselves and their children.

Our services are based on a holistic approach that addresses the large range of clients’ needs. Using culturally and linguistically appropriate methods, we build trust with clients and create an environment where South Asian women feel safe, respected and understood.

Free and confidential services include:

  • Crisis intervention

  • Safety assessment and planning

  • Advocacy

  • Assistance with housing and shelter

  • Legal advocacy and referral to resources

  • Access to public benefits and financial literacy

  • Counseling and emotional support for survivors.

  • Medical/healthcare advocacy

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