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2022 Year's Recap Celebration

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Bolo Bahen (Speak Sister) hosted 2022 Year's Recap Celebration event in Jersey City. More than two and half dozens South Asian women attended the event where they shared their memories of year 2022 and discussed about moving forward into year 2023 with optimism to lead better and informed lives.

There was live music, and Asian food were served.

Bolo Behen (Speak Sister) is an initiative of Hudson SPEAKS offering free services for South Asian women in Hudson County who are experiencing domestic and sexual violence. Our mission is to create a safe space with a full range of culturally sensitive and language-specific information, support services and advocacy. We strive to create dialogue throughout Hudson County by reaching out to a wide variety of groups, organizations and individuals. By sharing and learning from one another, we believe. Please contact us about: -Together, we can make a difference. -Educating the community about domestic and sexual violence. The bilingual and culturally competent services Bolo Behen provides: -Cultural sensitivity trainings -Teen dating violence workshop for South Asian youth. 24-hour bi-lingual Helpline: 201-795-5757 Free and confidential services offered in Hindi, Nepali, Bengali, English, Gujarati and Urdu Bolo Behen (Speak Sister)

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